Published Works

Marx Men – Avidly (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Growing Up Royals – The Classical

Americans, Muslims, and the Arab Spring – Huffington Post

The Arab Revolutionary We Failed to Imagine – Huffington Post

Of Settlements, Boycotts, and Political Theater – The Forward (The Arty Semite)

In Tel Aviv Bus Station, Underground Economy Flourishes – The Forward

Songs of Love and Hate – The Forward

The Nakba in Israeli Art – The Forward (The Arty Semite)

The End of “U.S. vs. Them” for Israel – Huffington Post

The Israeli Center Cannot Hold – Huffington Post

We Know What We’re Doing – Haaretz

Loving Thy Neighbor Through Language – Haaretz

Moroccan Jews – Haaretz

Can’t I Just All Get Along – The Blue and White

Fly Over State of Mind – The Columbia Current

Actual, Real Political Coverage – The Blue and White

Taming the “Noble Savages” – The Columbia Spectator

Congress, In Spite of Ourselves – The Columbia Spectator

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Leftist – The Columbia Spectator

Fit to Print? – The Columbia Spectator

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